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Email List Server

MicahTek Internet Website services include Email list hosting.

Clients customer and members email addresses may be hosted on MicahTek's computer email list server.  Fresh messages and regular outgoing emails may be transmitted as desired.

MicahTek will convert your organizations email addresses and store them on our Email list server.  A user security code and confidential password is assigned to your organization for the purpose of preparing and sending messages and notices to your email list.

From your corporate Website users may request to be added (or removed) to your email subscriber list.  Upon request MicahTek is available to update your Website to perform this service.

Each group of emails sent should contain the option to remove a subscriber from the email list to avoid receiving future emails.

MicahTek recommends each email message to your subscriber list not only include 'fresh' information but always point to your corporate Website.  Often organizations will update their Website concurrent with sending new email messages.

Call MicahTek today to find out more information on maintaining email lists!